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if you're unfortunate enough to know who are rob and kristen, then chances are you have no idea what the hell i'm talking about -
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Kristen’s review of Cosmopolis

Rob and Kristen driving in LA - 2013.10.31

"Superman once said: You know sometimes, in order to protect the one we love, we must keep it as a secret."

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We stand together till the very end
There’ll never be another love for sure
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid



LATE NIGHT IN UTHA #kristenstewart 

Kristen Stewart | Rosabotanica - Balenciaga (x)

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Q: What kind of women do you like?
Rob:I do not hate nerds. For a girl to attract me, she must be somewhat determined, have an idea about the meaning of life, and read a lot. But I can not say I prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads. I like emotional girls, elegant girls- meaning knowing what does and doesn’t suit you. The brand clothes, just because they are expensive, do not guarantee a good look. I think you must above all be yourself. That said, I love the Chanel look, even on very young women!" x


It’s so obvious!

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